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The Angry Beaver Plush

The Angry Beaver Plush

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Looking for a plush toy that's full of attitude? Look no further than the Angry Beaver Plush! This feisty rodent is not to be messed with - she's got a chip on her shoulder and she's not afraid to show it. With furrowed brows and a burning fire in her heart, this beaver is the perfect companion for anyone who's tired of putting up with BS.

But the Angry Beaver Plush isn't just all bark and no bite - she comes with a detachable log and plush webbed feet and tail, so she's always ready to beaver slap anyone who dares cross her. And with a customizable gift tag, you can personalize your Angry Beaver with your own name, birthday, pet peeves, and hobbies.

So which Angry Beaver are you? Whether you're a Mad Mommy, a Disturbed Driver, or a Social Savage, this plush toy is the perfect way to let off some steam and show the world that you're not to be trifled with. So why wait? Get your Angry Beaver Plush today and start showing the world who's boss!

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