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Ass Wipes Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Ass Wipes Antibacterial Wet Wipes

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Ass Wipes

Cleans Dirty Asses

A filthy ass is both uncomfortable and unsightly, and nobody wants any part of that business. Don’t set your ass up for unfair judgment and ridicule, grab a pack of Ass Wipes, and get to work!

Ass Wipes antibacterial wipes are your first defense against dirty ass germs. Even the most stubborn case of cooties is no match for a good, thorough ass-wipin’!

  • Funny donkey design antibacterial wet wipes
  • Cleans Dirty Asses – donkeys, that is
  • Takes care of stubborn germs at home, work, or on the go
  • Hilarious gag gift or stocking stuffer for smartasses, jackasses, asshats, and asswipes
  • Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your Ass Wipes easy breezy

Have you been dealing with a genuine asswipe? Coworker? Friend? Relative? They may smell like roses, but we all know they’re all asswipes. When their attitude reeks, pass them a pack of Ass Wipes and suggest they clean up their act. 

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