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Bad Face Day Mask

Bad Face Day Mask

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Bad Face Day Mask

Having a hideous day? No problem!

Some days are rough, and no matter what you do…YIKES! We’ve all had those days when brown-bagging our own heads seems like the only viable option, but let’s face it, that’s just ridiculous. You don’t want to look silly! After years of toil and trouble, we’ve come up with the perfect solution to the mornings you fear you’ll bust your mirror with a glance – The Bad Face Day Mask! This makeup correction system is taking bad face days to task and making the best of a hideous situation.

Introducing, our Revolutionary Instant Unfugly Technology!

This reusable breakthrough in embarrassing makeup concealment is changing the lives of countless women by completely covering up that mortifying truth –  a temporary case of OH-HELL-NO landed on their mugs!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Breathable full facial mask conceals any crazy face situations
  • Provides instant relief for freaky beauty-gone-bad embarrassment
  • Guaranteed to conceal even the scariest of makeup horrors
  • Includes FREE Bonus Blindfold for complete lost causes
  • Conveniently covers bad brows, messed up lip stain, unruly hair, contouring nightmares, mismatched eyeliner and SO MUCH MORE…

A Hilarious Beauty Gag Gift for Any Occasion

It’s a fact that no matter how amazing a woman looks, she’s had her share of days where things just don’t seem to be coming together. The Bad Face Day Mask pokes fun at this silly reality of womanhood while delivering a bundle of laughs. Surprise the ladies in your life on their birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just because there’s nothing more naturally beautiful than a smile!


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