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Crop Dusting Champion Mints

Crop Dusting Champion Mints

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Crop Dusting Champion Mints

Just when you think it’s safe, an SBD violates your airspace. You’ve been crop dusted! If you’ve fallen victim to a stealth bomber, it’s time to recognize them with our hilarious Crop Dusting Champion Mints.

Crop Dusting Champion Mints honor those bold enough to pollute the air and vanish, whether you’re chilling on the couch or standing in the middle of the supermarket. You never see it coming, and then suddenly you’re not only gagging, but adamantly denying that you’re the source of the offensive odor to passersby shooting accusatory looks. Give the booty-bomber a taste of his own medicine by calling him out in front of everyone with these side-splitting Reality Mints.  

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

-              Awesome tin filled with peppermint breath mints

-              Collectible tin reads: Crop Dusting Champion

-              Contains approximately 165 refreshing mints

-              Funny fart gift for adults, teens, and children who love to deliver the perfect Silent Butt Deadly and dash

-              Perfect for a stocking stuffer, just because gift, best friend gift, Secret Santa, White Elephant idea, adult birthday, or adult Easter basket

A Funny Fart Gift for Master Crop Dusters

Crop Dusting Champion Mints are a silly gag gift for men and women who’ve perfected that gas and dash maneuver. If you know such a hilariously heinous individual, you can be sure that these mints will boost their egos, because you know their proud of their devilish skill. They’ll go crazy over this weird novelty gift for adults. Filled with peppermint breath mints, this crazy gag gift for friends and farters is a unique stocking stuffer, white elephant idea, bachelor or just because gift, or addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets for kids, teens, and adults.

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