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I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

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I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

When your tabby is looking for a little affection before it tries to bite you…Princess is fickle…make sure you follow up with I Just Kissed My Cat Mints. These tasty mints will blast away the kitty breath and leave your mouth minty fresh.

You love your cat, and a little bad breath isn’t going to get in the way of giving kisses and cuddling up. With I Just Kissed My Cat Mints, her tuna breath doesn’t have to be your tuna breath.

I kissed a cat and I liked it

Your little kitty cat is beautiful, smart, and deserving of all the love in the world. You can feel free to unleash your kitty smooches without fear of fishy breath when you keep I Just Kissed My Cat Mints on hand. They’re bite-sized missiles of wintergreen freshness that you’ll love and friends and family will appreciate.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious tin filled with wintergreen mints

- Collectable tin reads: I Just Kissed My Cat

- Contains approximately 165 mints

- Funny, unique gift for cat lovers and crazy cat ladies

Who would love I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

Anyone who treats their cats like members of the family will love I Just Kissed My Cat Mints. Cat people know that there’s no stopping the snuggles and will love this unique tin of mints, because it’s just for them!

Frequently Asked Questions

My cat won’t let me kiss her, but often sticks her butt in my face, do I need these.

Cats rule the roost, and they show dominance in various ways. The brown eye surprise is a favorite, but unless you’re coming into contact with the cat butt, the mints probably aren’t necessary. Although, it can’t hurt to be prepared, just in case. If your breath makes paint peel, then it’s a good investment either way.

I don’t think my breath stinks after kissing my cat. Are you sure?

Well, you probably don’t have cat breath, but we suggest I Just Kissed My Cat Mints just to be sure. Why take the risk that you’re walking around with feline funk? Plus, they’re hilarious, and every self-respecting cat person needs them.

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