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Pin the Toupee on Trump Party Game

Pin the Toupee on Trump Party Game

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The Latest Greatest Advancement in Party Games Ever

Are you looking for a party game that’s both fun and societally impactful…and features a bald Trump? Pin the Toupee on Trump will be the hit party game and political gag gift of this election season – and beyond. You can create your own perfect hair style for him with Pin the Toupee on Trump.

A Glorious Hair Helmet

Hair is one of the first things people think about when it comes to Trump. The comb over that could be running the country is ready for your personal touch. You and your friends can take turns blindly putting on hair follicles. Whatever happens, it can’t be worse than the real thing.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Pin the Toupee on Trump includes: Glossy reusable bald Trump poster (18” X 26”), 7 toupees, and a blindfold mask

- Fun party game that makes parties great again

- Players complete Trump’s hair by pinning on his famous toupee

- Hilarious political gift for democrats and republicans alike.

- Made in America

Who would love Pin the Toupee on the Trump?

This is the ideal gift for that party hostess or anyone who needs a party game that’s a little different from all the others. It’s the perfect gift for the Democrat in your family and even some…meaning most…Republicans as well. Trump has captured the attention of the country, and now Trump’s hair can unite a party in fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I post a picture of it to Facebook?

If your partygoers craft a unique hairstyle on Trump, then we definitely suggest posting it on Facebook and social media. Just make sure to tag us in it too (@FunSlurp on Twitter). We love seeing how creative our customers can be with our products. You’re like the Van Gogh of Trump’s hair, and we dig it.

Should I play this drunk or sober?

We suggest both. Start out sober and then finish up tipsy. We guarantee that the hair styles that come about after a few drinks will be much more entertaining. You might not even hit the board and instead give your cat the latest Trump ‘do. No matter what happens, make sure to note the question above.
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