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Potty Texter - Toilet Texting Stand

Potty Texter - Toilet Texting Stand

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Looking for a way to make the most of your private potty time? Look no further than the Potty Texter - the ultimate toilet texting stand. Say goodbye to awkwardly trying to hold your phone while you do your business and hello to hands-free texting and browsing.

With the Potty Texter, you can catch up on your favorite shows, read the news, or even send a quick text to your friends and family. And with its snug and safe smartphone holder, you can rest assured that your device will stay in place, whether you're using it vertically or horizontally.

But the Potty Texter isn't just practical - it's also a conversation starter. With its hilarious packaging and included "SHHH...DO NOT DISTURB | POTTY TEXTING IN PROGRESS" sign, it's the perfect gag gift for anyone who takes their phone everywhere they go.

So why wait? Upgrade your bathroom experience and become a shexting master with the Potty Texter. It's the perfect gift for yourself or your phone-addicted friends and family. Order yours today and start enjoying hands-free texting from the comfort of your own throne.

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