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I Just Shit At The Gas Station Hand Sanitizer

I Just Shit At The Gas Station Hand Sanitizer

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I Just Shit At The Gas Station Hand Sanitizer

When you smell it, you know it. It’s that rancid aroma of someone who just took a massive dump at a local gas station. You don’t want to go around touching that, so share a little I Just Shit At The Gas Station Sanitizer. There’s nothing worse than a gas station bathroom, and who knows what unknown lifeforms could be clinging to people as they exit? Our I Just Shit At The Gas Station Hand Sanitizer is a shield to protect you from the horrors of the public restroom.

Get the Unleaded Out

When a person walks out of a gas station bathroom, they’re teeming with creepy crawlies that you can get nowhere else. Use the I Just Shit At The Station Hand Sanitizer to keep your hands safe and everyone else from becoming…infected. You’re a walking biohazard when leaving a gas station restroom, so stay safe before you become the new Outbreak monkey.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious gift for travelers

- Contains 2 ounces of bathroom bacteria-fighting hand sanitizer

- Made in the USA

Who Would Love I Just Shit At The Gas Station Hand Sanitizer?

Anyone who occasionally pit stops at gas station bathrooms, such as truckers, salesmen and fathers-in-law, are in absolute need of this product. They’ll feel safe and fresh after relieving themselves in the horrid squalor of that nasty oasis. Never underestimate the destructive power of a gas station crapper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I use a nice gas station bathroom?

There’s no such thing. You may think you’ve found the Holy Grail of bathrooms, but a fresh coat of paint and some air fresheners can’t hold back the evil that lurks within. You’ll walk out of there thinking you’re clean, but microscopic minions from the depths of hell are likely to be hitching a ride. Don’t be the unsuspecting carrier of unspeakable horrors.

I pooped at work? Should I still use it?

I don’t know, do you work at a gas station? While gas station bathrooms are the worst, most public bathrooms are something out of a horror movie. Feel free to use the hand sanitizer wherever anyone deposits a number two. Remember, you don’t know if someone who used a gas station bathroom was there before you.

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