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Taco Socks

Taco Socks

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Taco Socks

Is there any other food in the world that can open your heart to joy more than tacos? You can’t help but love them. How can you express your love for tacos and still go about your work day? Taco Socks! Slip these socks on, and you’ll be transported to a land of cumin and garlic. You can keep these socks tucked inside dress slacks for clandestine worship or wear them with sandals to proclaim to the world that you love tacos, and you’re not afraid to say it.

Tasty Footwear

When you wear Taco Socks, you’re not just putting on a piece of fashionable footwear, you’re taking the sheer joy and bliss of tacos with you wherever you go. You can’t go around with actual tacos on your feet, no matter how much a good idea that sounds, so why not do the next best thing?

Who would love Taco Socks?

Anyone who considers Taco Tuesday a weekly holiday will fall deeply, intensely in love with these socks. They may actually try to marry the socks in a strange foreign country where such things are acceptable. When giving as a gift, be wary of any unexpected trips to third world countries. You know who the taco lovers in your circle are…everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat the taco socks?

We understand the love and need for tacos can be overwhelming. You may not always be able to have tacos when you want them, but don’t eat the socks. It not only tastes bad, but also removes one piece of taco merchandise from the world. It’s like a little piece of humanity dying. Don’t be selfish man, tacos are for everyone.

I think I might be addicted to tacos…is that possible?

We’re unsure if eating tacos suddenly releases endorphins and dopamine into your body, but they sure do taste incredible. Think of these sock as taco therapy. You can wear them and look at them when the cravings start hitting hard. It’s the nicotine gum for taco lovers. It can keep you in control until you can drive to the nearest taco joint.

Can't get enough taco footwear?

If you love these Taco Socks, and want to add more to your spicy taco wardrobe, get yourself a pair of these delectable Tacos Socks too!

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