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Unicorn Poop Magical Gumballs

Unicorn Poop Magical Gumballs

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Unicorn Poop Magical Gumballs

When most of us drop a deuce, the idea of picking it up and selling it never crosses our minds…at least not often. That is unless you’re a mythical creature with delicious poo balls. Unicorn Poop are tasty balls that might just have a little magic left in them. Pop them in your mouth and roll them around until every last bit of goodness is gone. Unicorn Poop will make your day a little better, especially if you share them with friends and let them experience the greatness of mythical poo.

Poop Too Good To Pass

Don’t let the name turn you off. Unicorn dookie is nothing like the poop from a middle-aged trucker with irritable bowel syndrome. Unicorn manure is like a magic pill that comes from a horse’s butt…ok, that doesn’t sound great either, but trust us. It’s awesome.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Specs, features and bragging rights

- Includes one container of delicious, colorful Unicorn Poop Gumballs

- Fits in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer for emergency magic needs

- Chew away the sour stress of the day with the sweet unicorn poo

Who Would Love Unicorn Poop?

Anyone who loves unicorns will flip their lid over Unicorn Poop Magical Gumballs. It’s the delicious byproduct of their favorite animal. If their walls are covered in unicorn pictures and figurines, and they spend all their time watching My Little Pony, then this product is for them. They’ll be popping poop like nobody’s business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come in log form?

No, due to the particular physiologies of magical, mythical unicorns, the poop only comes out in balls. They’re a lot like rabbits and guinea pigs in that way. Unicorns can’t poop logs, but you can always eat two or three at a time and pretend. Unicorns are all about imagination.

Does it smell like poop?

Nope. While human poop smells like…well…poop, Unicorn poop has a delightful candy aroma. They have a very strict diet, high in sugar and fiber, so they make sweet smelling poop and lots of it. Press a few balls of Unicorn Poop up to your nose and smell that sweet goodness.
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