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Hide That Mom Mask

Hide That Mom Mask

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Hide That Mom Mask

She’s Sooo Embarrassing!

A common problem that plagues tweens, teens, and kids, in general, is EBS – Embarrassing Mom Syndrome. Gears Out researchers have been working around the clock to solve this irritating problem which affects millions of innocent youth daily, and we’ve finally found the perfect solution!

Introducing, the Revolutionary Hide That Mom Mask!

This reusable breakthrough in embarrassing mom concealment is changing the lives of countless adolescents by completely covering up that mortifying truth – you have a real live, human mom!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Breathable full facial mask conceals any mom’s momness
  • Provides instant relief of mother-related embarrassment
  • Guaranteed to conceal even the most embarrassing of moms
  • Includes FREE Bonus Blindfold for extra-embarrassing mamas
  • Dad approved, because, “At least they’re not picking on me.”

A Hilarious Gag Gift for Any Occasion

It’s a fact that no matter how cool a parent is, their kid is going to be embarrassed of something. The Hide That Mom Mask pokes fun at this silly parenting reality while delivering a bundle of laughs to the whole family. Surprise mom on her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just because she hugged you in front of your pals again. All that reckless caring has to stop!
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