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Horny Beaver Trail Mix

Horny Beaver Trail Mix

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DAM! She’s horny!

Hanger is real, and beavers are highly sensitive to it. When shes hangry and you see the hostility rising, grab the only snack that can tame the savage beast – Horny Beaver Spicy Trail Mix. Once they taste the fury, you’ll understand why fighting fire with fire is a dam good idea.

Each Horny Beaver is pumped full of a wild blend of salty, savory, and spicy flavors that everyone will love, so you’ll be excited to spread it around. Serve up a mound of Horny Beaver Snack Mix at parties or, if you think you can handle that much heat solo, keep it all to yourself.

Horny Beaver Spicy Trail Mix is a cheeky gag gift for men and women who love hot snacks and hostile mammals. It’s a hysterical addition to adult Easter baskets, holiday care packages, and gift baskets. Slip this mouth-watering, crunchy treat in as a funny stocking stuffer, or wrap it up as a silly white elephant idea.
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