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Horny Sloth Blue Cotton Candy

Horny Sloth Blue Cotton Candy

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Keep Calm You Lazy Sloth and Eat TrailMix (It's Better Than Candy!)

Break out Aunt Jessi's Sloth Lovers Cotton Candy when deadlines or other frustrations start to weigh on you. A taste sensation that stimulates feel-good chemicals in the brain, this gag gift also acts as a reminder to take a deep breath. Light, fluffy and just as delicious as your favorite carnival candy from childhood, Horny Sloth Blue-Cotton-Candy delivers a magical surge of serenity so you can face-down difficult clients and demanding bosses with aplomb.

Gluten-Free Snack that is Delicious

Premium ingredients go into every bag of Aunt Jessi's Horny Sloth's snack gift bags so you can indulge with peace of mind. There are so many possibilities for these fun gifts for women and men that you will want to order several to have on-hand. They are ideal odd gifts for white elephant parties or gag gifts for men and women who are celebrating milestone birthdays and retirements. This Sloth Candy is the perfect way to bring down tension and ramp-up the laughs.

Loving Life in the Slow Lane - Deliver a Tasty Time-Out

When overwhelmed colleagues or relatives come unraveled, our funny-candy cuts the tension without uttering a word. Hand them a pouch and watch them recollect their composure over a sweet treat that symbolizes comfort, friendship, love and comradery in the face of adversity. Use this fun candy as stocking stuffers for wives and husbands, as fun things to hand out during teambuilding exercises and as funny gifts for friends who are going through difficult circumstances.

For a lip-smacking way to let-off some steam, add Horny Sloth Cotton Candy by Gears Out to your collection of unique gifts today.

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