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Male Hygiene Sanitizing Scrotum Scrub

Male Hygiene Sanitizing Scrotum Scrub

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Male Hygiene Sanitizing Scrotum Scrub

Specifically created based upon the shape of the male anatomy to provide an efficient, thorough cleansing of sensitive penile skin. Unlike a typical bar of soap, the circular style makes proper hygienic practice easier due to its ergonomic design.

The center opening measures approximately 1.3 inches in diameter allowing for a comfortable, pain-free cleansing experience. Simply run the soap under warm water, work into a lather in your hands, and slip over the glans of the penis. Gently run the sanitizing scrub in a natural, smooth motion along the length of the shaft until clean. Remove the Male Hygiene Soap and rinse.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

- Circle soap designed specifically for the male anatomy

- Gentle cleansing soap for men

- Simple use

- Pain-free

- One size fits most men

- Not for Phallic Stimulation

Hilarious Personal Care Gift for Men

Gag gifts for guys have never been so proper. This funny novelty soap for men will have him wondering if you’re serious or not. Try not to laugh as his eyes widen and jaw hits the floor. Slip some of Dr. Johnson’s Male Hygiene Sanitizing Scrotum Scrub in as a crazy stocking stuffer or wrap it up for his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or bachelor party. Any man who prides himself on the quality of his self-care would enjoy this handy helper shower after shower!

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