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Juicy Taco Wipes

Juicy Taco Wipes

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Taco lovers know the messier the taco, the better the taste.

Prepare to dive in face first with no reservations by carrying pocket size Juicy Taco Wipes wherever you go. Whether you’re munching a gooey, spicy taco over your lunch hour or taking your time savoring all the flavor on an all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday at home, these useful travel size wipes will keep the mess down to a minimum. Go ahead, load that juicy taco with all those sloppy toppings and get yourself a mouthful with reckless abandon.

Juicy Taco Moist Wipes make funny taco gifts for adults on any occasion. Slip a pack into grownup Easter baskets, Dirty Santa gifts, birthday presents, and Christmas stockings. All the men and women on your shopping lists who love authentic Mexican cuisine will get a kick out of this taco lovers gift. Friends don’t let friends chow down on a creamy taco without proper protection.
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