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Calm Down Karen Cotton Candy

Calm Down Karen Cotton Candy

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They terrorize baristas. Haunt HOA members. Have the cops on speed dial.

You may have had an unfortunate run-in with one yourself, grateful to have lived to tell the tale. Wild Karens are a public nuisance and it’s smart to take precautions before you accidentally make eye contact with one. Always have a delicious bag of Calm Down, Karen Cotton Candy, because, folks, they’re everywhere.

This funny people Karen gift is a hilarious food gift that will make your friends and families laugh, even those yoked with that forever tarnished name. They’ll giggle at the fun prank package featuring a Karen singing the song of her people. On the inside is a soft, fluffy bag of gourmet strawberry candy floss that will sweeten anybody’s mood.

The gag Christmas gift for women and men is a hysterical Karen item that fits beautifully into holiday stockings, gourmet food baskets, care packages, birthday bags, and Easter baskets for teens and adults. It’s only a matter of time before someone you love is affected by a free-roaming Karen, and this tasty premium candy may just save their sanity.
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