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Kissed My Cat Stress Putty

Kissed My Cat Stress Putty

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Stretching and Kneading Dough for Humans

Crazy cat parents know how calming kitty cuddles are, but when they’re not with their fluffy companion, stress relief is just one tin of therapy dough away. I Just Kissed My Cat Stress Putty is a cute and travel friendly fidget toy for adults and children. It comes packed in a secure tin with freshness-saving lid to keep the putty safe between uses. It’s specially formulated to slowly soften with use, so it’s fun to stretch and play with while also relieving tension.

Cute Gag Gift for the Feline Obsessed and All Animal Lovers

If they can’t get enough of animals domestic and wild, they’ll love this adorable cat putty. Animal lovers with pet companions treat their furry, feathered, or scaly friends like family. This fun therapy dough is a nod to that special bond between owners and their pet children that everyone can enjoy. It’s fabulous for care packages, stocking stuffers, gift basket fillers, or just cheering someone up because you care.
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