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Ketchup Lovers Wipes

Ketchup Lovers Wipes

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Ketchup Lovers Wipes

I’ll take a ketchup, with ketchup, and a side of ketchup, please.

Most people like a little ketchup with their fries or on a good burger. Then there are the hardcore ketchup crusaders who treat the condiment as though it were the meal, and whatever it’s on is just a vehicle to get more ketchup into their diet. These rare catsup-loving creatures can’t get enough of that zesty tomato goodness, and you can tell by the red remnants gracing their faces, hands, and clothes. Help your ketchup addicted friends and family clean up after meals with Ketchup Lovers Wipes.

Ketchup Wipes are alcohol-free, antibacterial, and useful after a ketchup slathered meal. This convenient travel-sized pouch is perfect to keep in your bag, pocket, or car, so all evidence of a ketchup freak frenzy can be quickly erased.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights:

  • Funny ketchup freak design antibacterial wet wipes
  • Package says: I’ll take a ketchup, with ketchup, and a side of ketchup. #KetchupFreak
  • Takes care of common germs, spills, and ketchup messes at home, work, or on the go
  • Hilarious food gag gift or stocking stuffer for men and women obsessed with ketchup
  • Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your Ketchup Loversl Wipes easy breezy
  • Makes an awesome addition to Christmas stockings, care packages, Secret Santa gift exchanges, White Elephant parties, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts, or Easter baskets for adults

Funny Food Gift for Ketchup Lovers

Give the gift of laughter to the ketchup obsessed for any occasion. They’ll never give up their ketchup habit, but you can at least help them clean up after a shameless binge. This funny ketchup gag is a weird stocking stuffer, fun white elephant idea, Secret Santa gift, or silly addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets for adults.

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