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Moochie the Slacker Sloth Plush

Moochie the Slacker Sloth Plush

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Introducing Moochie the Slacker Sloth Plush, the ultimate embodiment of the guilt-free, sedentary lifestyle we all secretly dream of at some point in our lives. With his heavy-lidded, blank stare and whacked-out hair, Moochie sits 11 inches high, because standing is for overachieving chumps. He's the most satisfied slacker on Earth, living the dream for you.

Once upon a time, Moochie had hopes and dreams of success and world domination. But after experiencing the daily grind of adulthood, he realized that being a grownup blows. So, he devised a plan to do absolutely zilch. Now, he's the unsung hero of every adult who's had enough of the rat race but lacks the level of commitment it takes to truly let life roll by.

Moochie's pale, lifeless complexion is a testament to his devotion to pure chill. He's been wearing the same white tank top since last Wednesday (maybe...hmm...whatever), and his detachable plush beer bottle and cig are perfect for never having to waste energy making trips to the fridge. Complete and utter, guilt-free lack of responsibility is what Moochie is all about.

But don't let his lazy demeanor fool you. Moochie is a soft, cuddly, plush sloth who's customizable gift tag allows you to bestow your Moochie with his own given and sloth names. He's the perfect companion for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of life in the slow lane. Get your Moochie the Slacker Sloth Plush today and join him on the couch for some guilt-free relaxation.

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