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Merry Christmas, Bitches Putty

Merry Christmas, Bitches Putty

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Merry Christmas, Bitches Holiday Stress Putty

All year long, your best friends keep you sane, so why not give them some sanity in a can for Christmas? The holiday season is full of stressful situations from the shopping and baking to planning events and decorating. When your girls are tired of the endless Christmas crapola, they’ll be so grateful you got them Merry Christmas, Bitches Holiday Stress Relief Putty.

Merry Christmas Stress Putty is for Perfect for Close Family, Friends, and Coworkers

Making sure the season is merry and bright for everyone else can be a real strain on the nerves, and sometimes wine isn’t available. When your favorite folks are frustrated with the festivities, they can open this little Christmas miracle and squeeze away the stress. It’s a fun tension reliever that is compact enough it can go anywhere tinsel-sprinkled tension might pop up. It’s comfort and joy in a tin!

This funny Christmas gag gift will deliver a sleigh-load of laughs when you make it a weird stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or Secret Santa present. It’s also awesome for care packages, gift baskets, or holiday party favors for adults.

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