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Master Basting Champion Trail Mix

Master Basting Champion Trail Mix

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Some fellas just can’t keep their hands off their meat. If you’ve caught your man rubbing it thoroughly and soaking it with his secret sauce, reward him with the only gift specifically made for master basters… Proud Master Basting Champion Snack Mix.

Give Uncle Frank’s hilarious Proud Master Basting Champion party mix a shot, and he’ll always be hungry for more. He’ll love crunching down on guacamole bites, hot cajun sticks, almonds and more with this delectable blend of salty, savory, and spicy favorites. Premium ingredients go into every bag of our Master Baster Trail Mix so he can indulge in luxury with his pals catching wind of his taste for the gourmet.

Our Proud Master Basting Champion nut mix is the perfect way to bring the party to life or increase the popularity of your husband’s poker night or backyard barbecues. Carefully seasoned crunchy sesame sticks and light, crispy guacamole strips add excitement, intensity and heat to this mixture that’s sure to provide a jolt to everyone’s taste buds. Our Proud Master Basting Champion snacking mix will spice up any party by providing laughter and a fun conversation piece.

Packaged perfectly for gifting to men and women in stockings, food gift baskets, and Christmas care package gifts, this hysterical present for adults is a surefire showstopper. They’ll be treated to a sensational mix of spice blended with warm earthy, nutty flavors. Say goodbye to boring food gifts, and hello to laughs and luxury.

Allergen Information: Manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, and whey.
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