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Normal People are Weird Gourmet Cotton Candy

Normal People are Weird Gourmet Cotton Candy

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Celebrate the uniqueness of being different with the hilarious normal people are weird cotton candy. It’s the gourmet candy gift with a funny saying on the front

Do Normal People Make You Shake Your Head?

If you are looking for a weird gift for a best friend or significant other our gourmet cotton candy is for you. Brighten up her Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, or any day at all with a silly gag gift for women that is sure to make her ask what’s wrong with you. Pro Tip: wrap it in fancy wrapping paper and put it in a gift basket, stocking, or decorative bag and wait for the laughter and feigned disapproval. You know she’ll never admit how much she loves a good prank from her favorite child.

Makes a great Father's day gift as well!
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