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Just Shit In A Public Restroom Stress Putty

Just Shit In A Public Restroom Stress Putty

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Just Shit In A Public Restroom Stress Relief Fidget Putty

Is This a Bathroom or a Crime Scene?

Have you ever been stepped into a public bathroom that makes you immediately hate your bowels for putting you in such a situation? If you’ve ever seen a john so horrifying that you chose to waddle back to your car with a stink turtle rearing its ugly head, you could definitely use a tin of Just Shit In A Public Restroom Stress Relief Fidget Putty to help soothe your traumatized nerves. After kneading, rolling, and tugging this handy therapy putty, you’ll all but forget the squish in your knickers.

Specs, Features and Bragging Eights

  • Special formula loosens up as you work it in your hands
  • Public Restroom Stress Putty comes in a hysterical nightmare bathroom tin
  • Weird gag gift for seasoned travelers and folks who’d rather hold it than risk it
  • Putty is a brilliant, panic red
  • Hilarious novelty gift for adults who have lived to tell the tale
  • Perfect for work, home and anywhere you can’t help but have to go on the go
  • Tin measures approximately 85 mm and holds 60 g of putty

Be Prepared When Stress is Splattered All Over the Place

Just Shit In A Public Restroom Fidget Putty comes in an unsettling, but hilarious tin that will make you giggle when the stuff hits the stall. It’s compact enough to fit in a desk, purse, or cabinet at home, school, or the office. When you have stress that just won’t quit, take out the putty and drop that tension like a brown trout in the public pool. The worries of the day will squish through your fingers wherever stress leaks out, and you’ll walk away feeling relaxed and collected in a way that only comes from playing with high quality stress relief toys for adults.

This crazy poop gift is the perfect unisex gift for frequent travelers or buddies with small bladders. Surprise friends and family with bright red stress putty that can help them dump daily stress wherever life takes them. It’s a gut-busting addition to care packages, gift baskets, birthday presents, Christmas stocking stuffers, or office gift exchanges. It also makes an awesome Halloween party favor or costume contest prize!

Tin measures approximately 85 mm and holds about 60 g of putty.

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