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I Pooped Today Hand Sanitizer

I Pooped Today Hand Sanitizer

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I Pooped Today Hand Sanitizer, ‘cause getting older isn’t as crappy as you thought it would be! 

We often take our poops for granted when we’re young, but grow to appreciate a healthy deuce as we get older. The days of “the morning constitutional” and turds that wrap around the bowl like a legendary dookie snake are over. Maybe you’re lucky to go once a day, or even every few days. When the morning comes that you sweat out a brown trout, punctuate your triumph with I Pooped Today Hand Sanitizer!

That CAN DOO attitude! 

If you’ve been waiting all morning, day, or week for something special to move you, don’t leave home without a 2 ounce, travel-sized bottle of the most inappropriately appropriate antibacterial hand sanitizer ever made. When you finally have that moment – or half hour – of victory squirt some I Pooped Today sanitizer into your palms before raising your triumphant fists to the sky!

Gag gift, heavy on the gag!

Snickers will turn into roars of laughter when you give this hilarious over the hill gift for a birthday or retirement. Imagine Uncle Bob’s reaction when his secret is out – EVERY POOP IS MORE SPECIAL THAN THE LAST! 

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