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I Pooped Today Wipes

I Pooped Today Wipes

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I Pooped Today Wipes

Congrats on Your Big Move!

You don’t know the meaning of relief until your 5-day cold-streak on the porcelain throne has come to an explosive end. That toilet may look like a combat zone when you’re done, but that second and third flush are points of pride because you, my friend, just won the standoff with your colon! It’s time to grab your I Pooped Today Wipes and proudly cleanse your space like you cleansed your bowels!

I Pooped Today Antibacterial Wipes are there to cheer you on after finally conquering the demon that’s been dwelling in your derriere. Each disposable cleansing cloth is durable and soaked in a high-quality antibacterial solution that will help you start fresh after that booty battle.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Proud I Pooped Today design antibacterial wet wipes
  • The best bathroom companion since 2-ply
  • Wipes for men and women who won the hard fight against feces
  • Messy cleanup is no match for these antibacterial wet wipes at home, work, or on the go
  • Hilarious gag gift or stocking stuffer for infrequent poopers
  • Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your I Pooped Today Antibacterial Wipes easy breezy
  • Travel-sized gift pack includes 15 wipes

A Gift for Those Who FINALLY Dropped It Like It’s Hot

Everyone knows at least one person who’s constantly washing down their extra-large fiber bars with a 32-ounce prune juice smoothie. This delightfully tacky poop gift will have folks doubling over with laughter instead of constipation pain, and you’ll win any gift-giving occasion. Filled with 15 antibacterial wipes, this weird over-the-hill gift for adults is a fun and useful stocking stuffer, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, or addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets. They’re also an easy choice for retirement gifts, over-the-hill gags, Secret Santa gift exchanges, or White Elephant parties.


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