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Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy

Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy

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Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy – So delightful, you’ll forget it’s poop!

It’s a little-known fact that when a naughty bunny takes a dump, a rare and exciting thing happens - pink, sweet, and magical Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy!

-              Fluffy and sweet, pink cotton candy bunny rabbit shit

-              Perfect for Easter, birthdays, and holidays

-              Dropped and packaged in the USA

-              Hilarious gag gift for adults and teens

Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy is the fluffy, pink snack that combines tasty and nasty in such a delightfully vulgar way, everyone will want one. Give a lucky rabbit’s scoot to someone who can use a belly laugh, and they’ll be hopping to tell everyone about the funny cotton candy gift they never knew they needed in their life.

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