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Sack of Shit Manure Gag Gift

Sack of Shit Manure Gag Gift

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Sack of Shit

Ever had the urge to call someone a lying sack of shit? Well, now, you can actually give them a sack of shit! The bag contains 100% authentic shit and makes the perfect gift for liars and anyone who is generally full of it, but lacks the actual shit as proof. It’s Mother Nature’s fertilizer, and some people need their own bag of it. Do you know a giant liar or douchebag? Buy a few sacks of shit, because people like that can never have too much. You may even find yourself being gifted a Sack of Shit for your own attitude and transgressions.

You’re Full of It

People are full of shit. It’s just a natural state of being for many, but they lack the actual sack of shit as verifiable proof. You can now be the purveyor of shit solidarity by handing out a Sack of Shit to everyone that deserves it. Let face it, who doesn’t deserve a Sack of Shit at least every now and then?

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- 1 pound of 100% pure composted cow manure

- Best gift for the genuine sacks of shit in your life

- Leave it somewhere special to alert the world of a “Lying Sack of Shit”

- Makes a truly outrageous white elephant gift

Who Needs a Sack of Shit?

Know someone at the office who tells amazing stories that don’t have a shred of truth in them? Maybe they spent the summer exploring ancient Mayan ruins or hooked up with the supermodel on the cover of a magazine? These people deserve a Sack of Shit, and we just wish we had something bigger to give them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t tell the truth. Do I deserve one?

If you have to ask if you’re a lying sack of shit, then you probably already deserve a Sack of Shit. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a sack of shit, but now you can have a bag with you to carry around and warn others of your general shittiness.

Does Sack of Shit make a good anniversary present?

It depends on the state of your relationship. If your significant other has been cheating on you or just lying, then it’s a very appropriate present. If not, giving cow poop to that special someone might result in receiving far worse.

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