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Naughty Knickers for Sensual Seniors

Naughty Knickers for Sensual Seniors

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Naughty Knickers

Sexy Undies for Sensual Seniors

Confidence During Sudden Floods … Of Emotion

Nothing turns a girl on like security, and for the mature woman, that means more than a deep pocket. Don’t let a lack of confidence in your undergarments stymie a red-hot interlude. Throw on a fetching pair of Saggy Sally’s World Famous Naughty Knickers, and you’re ready to rub some wrinkles!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Youthful design will have you looking and feeling just like a baby again
  • Triple Shield Technology blocks common mood-killing aromas like hemorrhoid cream
  • Discreet, high-absorbency design, complete with romantic leak free fit and dual hole protection
  • No need to leave bed for frequent trips to the bathroom

Turning Heads Since The 1900s

When you’re hot to trot, you want to look your best. Naughty Knickers were carefully designed to give you that ageless, darn near infant, silhouette you love. The dual hole protection and romantic leak free fit will have the fellas chasing after you as fast as their walkers can take them. You’ll feel like the queen of the nursing home when every codger stops to take a nice, long squint at the telltale droop in your drawers that just screams, “I can go all night … without a trip to the bathroom.”


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