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Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand Sanitizer

Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand Sanitizer

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Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand Sanitizer

Finally, sanitizer has managed to capture the true essence of daily adulthood in one important question: Did I Just Shit My Pants?

Whether you’re asking yourself figuratively or literally, we all know the instant panic that comes with wondering if you just blew it hardcore. Was telling my mother-in-law I love her handknit sweaters a life sentence of shitty birthday gifts? Did I really just shart while leading a conga line at my sister’s wedding? Either way, nobody will ever let you forget. Grab a bottle of Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand Sanitizer Gel and buy yourself a minute to think through your next crucial move.

Shit My Pants Sanitizer may not be able to undo the natural disaster you just unleashed, but it can protect you from germs. This hilarious 2-ounce bottle of sanitizer gel will come in handy for those occasions when shit happens.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

- Hilarious gift for those who have surprised themselves more than once

- Contains 2 ounces of germ killing, bacteria-fighting hand sanitizer

- The perfect gift for all the known and assumed sharters on your gift list

- Made in the USA

Give the Gift of Understanding When Shit Goes Down

Anyone who has survived the awkward experience of quietly trying to determine just HOW wet that fart was could use a bottle or two of Did I Shit My Pants Sanitizer. Pass it over, and let them proudly slather their hands in germ-killing awesomeness. They can’t unshart their shorts, but they can plan an escape route while getting their hands squeaky clean. This crazy friend gift for teens and adults is a weird stocking stuffer, fun white elephant idea, Secret Santa gift, or silly addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets for adults and teens.
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