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Sausage Soap

Sausage Soap

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How do you want your sausage to be remembered?

First impressions are everything, and presentation can make or break that special moment. Not only will the initial contact be on the line, but what people are saying about your sausage when you’re not around is at stake too. Bad word of mouth can ruin a sausage’s reputation forever, leaving it cold and unwanted until it just shrivels up…never to be seen again.

Keep your sausage clean with Jimmy's Sausage Soap! You'll be sooooo glad you did!

A Spicy Sausage Gift He’ll Enjoy…Again and Again

Gag gifts for guys that love grilling can be very difficult to find. You can be certain every gift-giving occasion will have a happy ending! Slip Jimmy’s Sausage Soap in as a naughty stocking stuffer or wrap it up for birthday, anniversary, or bachelor party. Any man who prides himself on the quality of his sausage would enjoy this handy helper!
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