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Would You Like to See My Wiener Mints

Would You Like to See My Wiener Mints

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Would You Like To See My Wiener Mints

Imagine you’re out on the town and see you a pretty woman or handsome man that you’re interested in. How do you start a conversation? You simply pull out your Would You Like To See My Wiener Mints. It’s a great icebreaker and makes your breath fresh and minty. If the double entendre isn’t your game, then a friend or relative who loves their wiener dog would also love these amazing mints. The dachshund is a proud animal that is part wiener and part dog. It’s one of nature’s most curious amalgamations.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Hilarious tin filled with peppermint breath mints
  • Collectable tin features the regal silhouette of a dachshund and reads: Would you like to see my wiener?
  • Contains approximately 165 refreshing mints
  • Funny, unique gift for fans of wieners and wiener dogs

Minty Wiener Mouth

Bad breath is never acceptable, so keep a pack of Would You Like To See My Wiener Mints in case the opportunity arises. You never know who might want to see your wiener unless you ask them, and if they do, you’ll want to have fresh breath as well. If you’re in an area where there are lots of wiener lovers, then you may find yourself extremely popular and will want to buy several tins just to keep up with the demand of people wanting to see your wiener. They’re such cute little dogs, who wouldn’t want to take a gander at what you got?

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