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Just Sharted Chocolate Soap

Just Sharted Chocolate Soap

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Just Sharted Chocolate Soap

If you’ve ever suffered a betrayal by your own butt, you need Just Sharted Chocolate Bath Soap. This weird novelty soap is the perfect way to start your day…bathing in chocolaty goodness! This handcrafted bar soap is jam-packed with the rich, chocolate fragrance and wrapped in hysterical gag packaging.  Your morning will start with a gut-busting laugh and end smelling chocolatey sweet!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Premium quality chocolate bath soap is a refreshing way to start the day
  • Delicious fragrance almost makes you forget you shat your knickers
  • Exactly what every chocolate lover with bowels wants…more chocolate, less thunder
  • Fun spa gift for teens, men, and women who love chocolate with a side of laughter
  • Perfect for stocking stuffers, birthday gift baskets, holidays, Secret Santa gift exchanges, White Elephant parties, or just because

A Weird Chocolate Gift for People Who Poop

Just Sharted Chocolate Soap is a fun gag gift for anyone who’s over-trusted a fart. This cool gift for friends, family, and coworkers is a giggle-worthy surprise addition to chocolate gift baskets, care packages, and birthday gifts. Slip a bar of this funny unisex pampering gift in as a fun stocking stuffer or wrap it up as a unique Secret Santa or White Elephant present.


Bodacious Bath Soaps are handcrafted in the US with high-quality ingredients. Because every luxurious bar of premium bath soap is handmade and unique, colors and patterns may vary from display images.

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