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I Shit Rainbows Unicorn Wipes

I Shit Rainbows Unicorn Wipes

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I Shit Rainbows Unicorn Wipes

Unicorns are known for their beauty and mystical powers, especially the magical ability to drop a deuce so spectacular that people stop to take pictures. If you dig their majestic vibe, you can celebrate your saucy side with I Shit Rainbows Unicorn Wipes.

Shitting rainbows is all fun and games until it’s time to clean up the mess. I Shit Rainbows Wipes are fun on the outside and pack all the power of unicorn-powered antibacterial action on the inside. Each disposable cleansing cloth is durable and soaked in a high-quality antibacterial solution that will help you tidy up any psychedelic mishap that may come along.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

•             I Shit Rainbows unicorn antibacterial wet wipes

•             Wipes for sassy unicorn lovers

•             Messy rainbow poop cleanup is no match for these antibacterial wet wipes at home, work, or the aquarium

•             Hilarious, girly gag gift or stocking stuffer for women

•             Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your I Shit Rainbows Antibacterial Wipes easy breezy

•             Travel-sized gift pack includes 15 wipes – NOVELTY ONLY – NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN

A Gift Every Snarky Unicorn Fan Can Appreciate

If you know anyone who enjoys getting a little dirty, protect their sparkly reputation with I Shit Rainbows Wipes. Filled with 15 antibacterial wipes, this weird unicorn gift for women is a sassy and useful stocking stuffer, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day gift, or addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets. They’re also an easy choice for Secret Santa gift exchanges or White Elephant parties.


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