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Shitty Balls for a Shitty Golfer

Shitty Balls for a Shitty Golfer

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Shitty Balls for a Shitty Golfer

He walks onto the green with the heart of a lion but chases the ball around like a lost puppy. It’s would almost be cute, if he wasn’t wasting all those brand-spanking-new golf balls. Take a little shame out of his game with Shitty Balls for a Shitty Golfer.

This useful 5-pack should almost be enough to play a full round, and the hand-selected crappy golf balls won’t be so sad to see drop in the drink.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

-              100% guaranteed not to improve his golf game

-              Includes 5 randomly chosen, but equally shitty golf balls

-              Hilarious gag gift for good and bad golfers

-              Razz the competition and psych them out before hitting the links

-              ALMOST enough shitty balls for one round!

-              Perfect stocking stuffer for golfers at any level, from pathetic to professional

Cut the Chase and Start Them Out in the Rough

Shitty Balls for a Shitty Golfer are designed to avoid the frustration of losing yet another set of shiny, new golf balls to the hazards around the course. Investing in a set of mint condition, dimpled beauties only leads to more heartbreak on the green. Do your talentless pal a solid and get him a set of balls that won’t be a costly loss.

Shitty Balls are the Prank Gift for All Golfers

Shitty Balls are a surefire laugh for all your golfing friends! Wrap up this funny golf gift and slip it in as a stocking stuffer or give it as a white elephant gift! Every golfer, from pitiful to pro, will get a hearty laugh out of these absolutely awful golf balls.


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