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I Hope You're Not Single Next Year Mints

I Hope You're Not Single Next Year Mints

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I Hope You’re Not Single Next Year Mints

You’ve been lonely long enough that even your faithful pooch has taken notice. It’s time for I Hope You’re Not Single Next Year Mints. Don’t spend another day sitting on the couch watching 80s sitcom reruns. Put on something snazzy, pop in a few of these delicious chocolate flavored mints, get out there, and find true love.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Hilarious tin filled with chocolate mints
  • Collectable tin reads: I Hope You’re Not Single Next Year
  • Contains approximately 165 mints
  • Funny, unique gift for Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these mints help me find true love?

While there aren’t any guarantees, you’ll certainly have sweet, chocolaty, welcoming breath, which will make a great first impression. If he or she doesn’t like the intoxicating aroma of chocolate, you’ll know right away that it’s just not meant to be.

I’m a cat person, and I don’t think she likes me dating anyway. Do I still need them?

Trust us, she may be playing it cool, but we’re sure she’d rather not be dressed up for holiday selfies or have you following her around trying to score some funny feline footage. Get the mints, and give the cat videos a rest.  

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