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Sloth Dreams Patience Putty

Sloth Dreams Patience Putty

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Are you tired of dealing with people who test your patience? Meet Sloth Dreams Patience Putty, the magical stress-reliever that will make you feel like a chill sloth. This mellow pearl yellow putty has a special formula that loosens up as you work it in your hands, allowing you to squeeze and pull your stress away.

Packaged in a funny sloth tin, this hilarious gag gift is perfect for anyone who needs a little help mastering their inner sloth. Whether you're at work, home, or anywhere else, this stress putty will help you to commence the chill.

Sloths are the original stoners, and with Sloth Dreams Patience Putty, you can channel their relaxed attitude and let stress melt away with every push and pull. It's like a 4-day lovemaking session with a mold-covered sloth two trees over, but without all the mess.

So why not embrace your inner sloth and take on the day with Sloth Dreams Patience Putty? It's the fabulously chillaxing addition to your self-care routine that you never knew you needed. Order now and let the stress of dealing with annoying people become a thing of the past.

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