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Sloth Toots Cotton Candy

Sloth Toots Cotton Candy

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Sloth Toots Cotton Candy

Slow-brewed for Maximum Sweetness

Sloths are the cutest animals on the planet, and you know something as sweet as that is going to have some special gas. Sloth Toots Cotton Candy makes an awesome stocking stuffer for your fun-loving friends. They’ll love this cute sloth gift even more when they open it up and find tasty blue cotton candy. The only drawback to giving this adorable sloth gift is that you may not have the patience to wait for them to open it.

 Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Fluffy and sweet blue cotton candy sloth toots
  • THE perfect gift for that special pal who can't get enough slothy goodness
  • Ripped and packaged in the USA
  • Hilarious gag gift for the whole cheese squeezing family

Giving This Cute Sloth Gift is a Gas!

It's the perfect cotton candy gag gift for all your friends. The hilarious cartoon sloth design will have everyone rolling with laughter, making it a wonderful, unexpected addition to holiday care packages and gift baskets. Slip it in as a funny stocking stuffer, or wrap it up for a hilarious white elephant idea or Secret Santa gift.

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