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100% Smart Ass Mints

100% Smart Ass Mints

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100% Smart Ass Reality Mints

Just because you’re a smart ass, doesn’t mean your breath should smell like one. Spouting off the perfect one-liner takes talent and sophistication, so you don’t want to undermine the efforts of a savage jab with a funky aroma. 100% Smart Ass Reality Mints are perfect for that smart ass that just can’t keep his comments to himself. These rare creatures provide endless hours of passive aggressive quips that leave some in stitches and others in tears. That’s talent.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

-              Hilarious tin filled with peppermint mints

-              Collectable tin reads: 100% Certified Smart Ass

-              Contains approximately 165 breath mints

-              Funny, unique gift for the world’s true sarcastics and smart asses

Sharp Tongue, Fresh Breath

Most people are at least some part smart ass. It’s a general trait among humanity, but while many sit at the 20-60 percent range, every now and then the stars align and the gates of hell open up to deliver unto the world a 100 percent smart ass. If you know any of these people, then count yourself lucky when you’re not the butt of their jokes. Get on their good side by applauding them with 100% Smart Ass Reality Mints. Just be prepared, because with the true 100 percent smart ass, your gesture will simply be met with sarcasm. 

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