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I Survived 2020 Stress Putty

I Survived 2020 Stress Putty

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2020 Stress Putty

2020 has delivered unparalleled challenges and stressors that will make the year absolutely unforgettable for everyone everywhere. Even finding toilet paper was a special op mission and finding 2-ply brought greater bragging rights than winning the lottery. Making it through a crazy year like this deserves proper celebration and long-term stress relief – I Survived 2020 Stress Relief Putty!

Our awesome 2020 Survivor Therapy Putty is a funny nod to the year that felt like it would never end. Inside the hilarious metal tin is our extraordinary chameleon green stress putty. Not only is the metallic green putty mesmerizing as you squish and squeeze away daily tension, it won’t dry out, so it’ll be there whenever you need it.

Everyone Will Love This Funny Novelty PuttyThis unique stress toy for kids, teens, and adults is a load of laughs. The squishy glob of happiness is fantastic for work and play, and they’ll love having it on hand.

Survived 2020 Putty is a funny gag gift to give your friends and family for any occasion. The gift of laughter is priceless, and you can count on a giggles when this weird fidget toy becomes a crazy birthday gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, Secret Santa present part, or is just given to brighten someone’s day!

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