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Survive Your Mother-in-Law System

Survive Your Mother-in-Law System

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Tune Out The Crap

A mothers-in-law is good for one thing, making your life a living hell. Whether it’s because you were never good enough for her daughter or a bad influence on her son, that harpy from hell can nag nonstop. The Mother-in-law Survival System keeps you safe from her cutting words.

Who Would Love The How to Survive Your Mother-in-Law System?

Anyone who has been burned by her endless nitpicking would be a prime candidate for these precious ear protectors. Cover your ears and let her nonstop rants bounce off you. Remember you’re rubber and she’s glue…yada yada yada. You can’t say anything back, because that would cause a rift, but the same doesn’t go for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the How to Survive Your Mother-in-Law System get rid of her?

Sadly, the only thing that can get rid of a mother-in-law is an act of God, divorce or Matlock marathon. While this system won’t get her out of the house, at least you won’t be able to hear her when she talks, squawks or whatever sound comes out her mouth. Don’t go home without them.

Can they keep all the sound out?

The sheer power of the mother-in-law may force a bit of yapping to leak in. They will, however, buffer the impact and keep you from bleeding out your ears or flying off in an angry rage. The shrill sound of a mother-in-law in its natural environment has been known to cause people to explode like the Hulk. These babies could save a life.

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