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Emergency Stank Balls Bath Bombs

Emergency Stank Balls Bath Bombs

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Are you tired of battling the funk? Do you feel like you're losing the war against stank balls? Fear not, my friend! The Emergency Stank Balls Bath Bombs are here to save the day (and your nose).

These large, black and green marbled bath bombs are not your average bath bombs. Oh no, they are a powerful antidote to the stank caused by sports, hard work, or even a universal curse playing out in your nether regions. With their potent anti-reek technology, they conquer under odors like no other standard bathing method can.

But that's not all! These bath bombs also help you relax away the stank-related shame from the rest of your body. So don't let junk funk crush your spunk! Grab your Stank Balls and let the stank stop here.

These funny bath balls for men are a hysterical gift for your roommate, teammate, husband, boyfriend, or friend. They turn bath water into a murky, gross color without staining your tub, making them a crazy, weird bath gift for Father's Day, birthdays, White Elephant parties, Secret Santa gift exchange, or just because stank balls are in your midst.

And let's not forget the best part - they are a sack full of laughs for men! These Emergency Stank Balls Bath Bombs are a cool novelty gift for all the men on your gift list, because stank can hit any fella at any time. Slip a bag of this awesome bath gift for guys in as a crazy stocking stuffer, or wrap it up as a wacky, yet useful white elephant gift.

Handcrafted in the US with high-quality ingredients, every luxurious bath bomb is handmade and unique, so colors and patterns may vary from display images. Please note that these bath bombs are for novelty use only.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to the funk and hello to fresh with the Emergency Stank Balls Bath Bombs!

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