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JUST TOSSED A SALAD Gourmet Cotton Candy

JUST TOSSED A SALAD Gourmet Cotton Candy

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The ultimate gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and sense of humor, our Bunny Barf will put a smile on a loved one's face! This pre-packaged cotton candy comes in individual bags that can be placed in care packages, party favors, Easter baskets, and Christmas stockings.

A trip to the funfair always involves cotton candy, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy this carnival staple at any time of the year? This delicious, sweet treat is also great for Easter egg hunts, birthday party favors, or Christmas stocking fillers.


Our cotton candy is packaged within individual resealable bags that are airtight to maintain the fluffiness and freshness of this American classic. It has a shelf-life of 12 months but should be consumed within a few days after opening the package for the tastiest snacking experience.

When overwhelmed colleagues or relatives come unraveled, our funny-candy cuts the tension without uttering a word. Hand them a pouch and watch them recollect their composure over a sweet treat that symbolizes comfort, friendship and love. Use this fun candy as stocking stuffers for wives and husbands, as fun things to hand out at parties and as funny gifts for friends who are going through difficult circumstances.
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