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Unicorn Sharts Cotton Candy

Unicorn Sharts Cotton Candy

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Unicorn Sharts Cotton Candy

Explosive in your mouth, not in your pants!

Unicorn Sharts are one of nature’s best kept secrets! Fluffy and blue, sweet and magical, it’s a tasty treat from under the tail!

Unicorn Sharts Cotton Candy is the fluffy, blue snack that will have everyone begging for a taste. Give a surprise blast of flavor to someone who can use a smile, and they’ll be bursting to tell everyone about the funny cotton candy gift they never knew they needed in their life.

A Dab of Fun for Everyone

Unicorn Sharts Blue Cotton Candy is the perfect cotton candy gag gift for kids, teens, and adults. The hilarious design features a funny dabbing unicorn proudly celebrating his tasty shart and will have everyone rolling with laughter. It’s a wonderful, unexpected addition to Easter baskets, holiday care packages, and gift baskets. Slip some in as a funny stocking stuffer or wrap it up for a unique white elephant gift.

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