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Uranus Wipes

Uranus Wipes

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Uranus Wipes

When Uranus is covered in muck, trying to ignore it in the hopes nobody will notice is a fool’s game. Not only is it unsightly, but folks can smell an unkempt gas giant from lightyears away. Don’t draw the wrong attention to one of the universe’s greatest showpieces, grab a pack of Uranus Wipes, and get to work!

Uranus Wipes antibacterial wipes are your first defense against germs that might settle on Uranus if left unchecked. Even the most stubborn case of cooties is no match for a good, thorough cleansing!

  • Funny Uranus design antibacterial wet wipes
  • Ready to take on even the filthiest gas giant
  • Keeps Uranus tidy with a clean that is out of this world
  • Takes care of stubborn germs at home, work, or on the go
  • Hilarious gag gift or stocking stuffer for men, women, and teens
  • Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your Uranus Wipes easy breezy

Has someone you know been suffering the shame of a funky gas giant? Maybe they don’t realize that habitat has taken on a life of its own. Look no further! The solution is right here – Uranus Wipes! Be a hero! Stash some of these handy antibacterial wipes in their Christmas stocking, desk drawer, purse, or car console. The nose you save may be your own!

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