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Girl Who Loves Pickles Bath Salts

Girl Who Loves Pickles Bath Salts

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Just A Girl Who Loves Pickles Bath Soak

If her mouth waters just thinking about pickles, she’ll think this gift is a BIG DILL! Just a Girl Who Loves Pickles Bath Salts are uniquely formulated to turn her bathroom into a dill pickle scented paradise! The DILLICIOUS fragrance was developed by the Bodacious Bath Bomb Company specifically for devoted pickle loving ladies of all ages.

Every bag of premium green pickle bath soak is filled with high quality sea salts carefully combined with our unique pickle scent. After a particularly strong day, she can pour some into a tub of warm water and let the relaxation begin! It’s like bathing in a pickle factory, and that’s a dream you can make come true for her right in the comfort of her own powder room!

Girl Who Loves Pickles Bath is a hilarious gag gift for pickle lovers and haters alike. If she wrinkles her nose when she sees a pickled cucumber…or worse prefers sweet pickles…give her a heaping dose of dill love as a birthday gift, secret Santa present, or Easter surprise. It’s also perfectly suited for women’s stockings, bath gift baskets, and weird get well gifts.


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